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There are several things in life that you cannot find at the click of your fingers. You have to literally hunt for them. These may include jobs or service providers such as electricians, mechanics, and plumbers to name a few, furniture or houses on sale, and many more. Searching for different matters will take time and effort. But, how would you feel if you were to get proper information about such topics in a single place? The best example of this is the Craigslist.

What Is Craigslist?

When you talk about Craigslist, it is basically an American classified advertisements website that has sections especially devoted to housing, jobs, for sale, services, items wanted, discussion forums, community service, resumes, and gigs. This service was started by Craig Newmark in the year 1995 and it was basically an email distribution list at that time. The list was sent to friends and it mainly featured all the local events in the San Francisco Bay Area. It was in the year 1996 that it became a web-based service and gradually expanded to various other classified categories.

Craigslist started expanding to various other US states in the year 2000. At present, it covers more than 70 different countries. In the month of March 2008, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, and Italian became the first non-English languages that Craigslist supported. By the 9th of August, 2012, more than 700 different cities and 70 countries had their own Craigslist website. There are several Craigslist sites that cover pretty large regions instead of several individual metropolitan cities or areas. The best example of this are the US states of Wyoming and Delaware, the California Gold Country, the Colorado Western Slope, as well as, the Upper Peninsula Michigan.

Widespread Operations

The Craigslist site currently serves over 20 billion page views on a monthly basis. It enjoys over 49.4 million monthly visitors just in the US. Craigslist has more than 80 million new classified advertisements every month that makes it the leading classified service provider in any medium. Craigslist gets more than 2 million latest job listings every month that makes it one of the leading job boards in the entire world. You will also be surprised to know that Craigslist dominates the US rental housing market as well. It receives more than several million new listings each month.

There are 23 large US cities listed on the Craigslist home page. Collectively, they receive above 300000 postings each day in the “housing” and “for sale” sections only. This data was collected in the month of October 2011. There is a wide range of classified ads on the Craigslist website ranging from the age old buy and sell ads and various community ads to some personal ads.

Ownership and Financials

The primary source of revenue for Craigslist is the long list of paid job ads in some specific American cities. It is true that the company does not ever disclose its ownership or financial information formally. Nonetheless, commentators and various analysts have reported different figures pertaining to the annual revenue of Craigslist. This ranges from $10 million in the year 2004, @20 million in the year 2005, and $25 million in the year 2006 to approximately $150 million in the year 2007.

On the 13th of August, 2004 Newmark made an announcement on his blog about eBay purchasing 25% stake in Craigslist from a former employee. There were some Craigslist fans who expressed their concerns about this development stating that this would affect Craigslist’s longtime non-commercial nature. However, there have been no substantial changes to the non-advertising nature or usefulness of the website. There have also not been any changes to the banner ads or to a few specific services provided to various businesses.

Craigslist was supposed to be owned mainly by Newmark, eBay, and Buckmaster. eBay owned approximately 25% of the stake and Newmark is said to own the majority of the company stake. In the month of April 2008, eBay made an announcement of suing Craigslist in order to “safeguard its 4-year financial investment”. According to the announcement, there were some Craigslist executives who took actions in order to “unfairly dilute eBay’s economic interest in more than 10%”.

Craigslist Brooklyn

Craigslist has a special page for Brooklyn. It has classified ads from different categories such as community, housing, jobs, services, for sale, and discussion forums. There are also subcategories for these to make the task of searching something specific simpler for the residents of Brooklyn. As an example, you will find subcategories such as groups, events, artists, activities, local news, pets, and lost & found in the community category. In the jobs category you will find jobs in different categories such as art/media/design, admin/office, education, biotech/science, business/mgmt, and general labor.

Site Characteristics


Over the last few years, Craigslist Brooklyn has managed to gain immense popularity as an online destination when it comes to an arrangement for sex and dates. The “Personals” section in a Craigslist page allows those postings that are either casual encounters or dating/romance, and strictly platonic. Craigslist is said to be highly useful for people from the gay and lesbian communities who wish to connect with other like-minded people. Since the service is free and also open natured, it has gained such a popularity. It is also true that finding such like-minded people in more conservative areas is difficult.

Controversies Pertaining To Adult Services

The sections of a Craigslist page that says “adult” was previously named as “erotic”. The ads posted in this section were given special treatment during the days of the inception of the site. However, they had to close the section completely after a controversy on the topic on the 4th of September, 2010. According to the claims made by the state attorneys, this section mainly promoted prostitution. In the year 2002, Craigslist posted a disclaimer to ensure that people clicking on the adult sections were above the age of 18 years. These sections included “men seeking men”, “erotic services”, “casual encounters”, and “raves and rants”.

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