PLACES Brooklyn

Welcome to PLACES BK. Together we’ll discover new places, try, new things & explore, Brooklyn. Whatever, your interest, we’ll have, a meet-up, for you. All of our meet-ups will be divided into the following categories: Palate: Food, Wine, Beer, Booze Leisure: Outdoors, Active, Recreation Art + Culture: Museums, Cultural Events, Film Entertain: Karaoke, Trivia, Live Music and More Social: Happy Hours, Bar Crawls, Brunches, Picnics, Singles Events, and more Don’t worry if it’s your first meet-up and don’t know anyone. We will make sure that you are introduced to everyone and have a great time. Looking forward, to seeing, you at

Repair the World NYC

We tackle pressing local needs by mobilizing communities to volunteer throughout Brooklyn. We enable people to transform their neighborhoods, cities and lives through meaningful service experiences, rooted in Jewish values, history and heritage. We also host social and educational events to build community with like-minded, social justice oriented New Yorkers! If you’re interested in volunteering and participating in social events with folks who care about our community, then this meet-up is for you! You can also follow us regularly on Facebook,

Ethnic Feasts Family-Style

We’re enthusiastic open-minded foodies of all ages, who love sampling and sharing cuisines from all over the world. Family-style dining often nets a cheaper and more intriguing experience: a group can try lots of unfamiliar or unusual dishes that you might never have risked a whole meal on. If you delight in exploring ethnic restaurants and will travel most anywhere a NYC Metrocard can take you, you’re a potential friend. Many events will be for omnivores, some vegetarian or vegan or veg-friendly, and typically they’ll run around $20-$30 per person. (A few places may be AYCE buffets, or better for individual

Brooklyn Expats and Locals

At some level, we’re all expats! #LOL Brooklyn has become “the happening” place to be, the belly button of the world! The Brooklyn Expats & Locals community is a placemark where we can gather together easily, “Cheers” style: where everyone knows your name. And if they don’t, introduce yourself! This group is intended to welcome new expats in town to mingle with old expats and locals or Brooklyners. Chat up with experienced expats and locals to get to know more about city lifestyle and how to be an expat in Brooklyn. Anyone can join this group. We will try to explore coolest cafés, restaurants, bars and out-doors in Brooklyn, and – why not? – Manhattan too. So if …

Brooklyn 30s and 40s Phone-Free Social Revolution

Be a part of something new and unique. This is a social group for people in their 30s and 40s who are: A) looking for fun, meaningful face-to-face time with other living, breathing humans away from their screens. B) interested in thinking more critically about phone usage and its effects on lifestyle, work, relationships and society as a whole. Meetings will involve dinner parties, happy hours, discussions, game nights, etc etc….I’m open to ideas for future outings and meetings. Please send me your ideas! Don’t forget–our group is a phone free zone! Welcome to singles/couples, male/female, gay/straight whoever.Brooklyn 30s and 40s Phone-Free Social RevolutionBrooklyn, NY11201, us

Neighborhood Sol (Brooklyn Walking Tour)

Curated walks. Neighborhood Stories. Hi, all. Former art dealer turned real estate agent; I’m a native New Yorker and a twenty year resident of Greenpoint, Brooklyn. I started a youtube channel & blog called “Neighborhood Sol” and would like to breathe some life into it by organizing curated walks. —————————————————————————————- * Who should join? * Are you interested in history, architecture, real estate, and art? Do you like eating amazing food and drinking all kinds of delicious things? Known to swoon at great design and envy beautiful places? Well- then, this meet-up is for you. * What can you expect? * …

Brooklyn Creative And Entrepreneur Network

Brooklyn Creative And Entrepreneur Network Welcome to Brooklyn Creative And Entrepreneur Network (BESN)! Whether you are just starting out in the world of business or are working on business number one-hundred, the Brooklyn Creative And Entrepreneur Network’s goal is to help you meet potential business partners, investors, and most importantly more clients. You are here because you know this is the best time to start your own business and you are right! Established in 2015, today Brooklyn Entrepreneurs And Startup Network is the fastest growing organization …

Brooklyn Enterprenuar And Startup Network

This group is for those who love to partake in live Music, Theater, Art and Networking in the Brooklyn area. Feel free to suggest events that you think would be good for us to meet at.Brooklyn Enterprenuar And Startup NetworkBrooklyn, NY11215, us

New York Free Meditation

Looking for peace, balance, joy, overcome stress, transform and meet other seekers  at Queens / Harlem/Brooklyn/Online/in Espanol?  Welcome to free guided ‘Sahaja Yoga’ meditation workshops. Who does it?  Humans of Sahaja Yoga & reviews ( a Sahaja Yoga Love America Tour by international artists and meditation practitioners) picture album above. With testimonies of our life time, we like to welcome you to try out and see for yourself and join us any day to feel the nourishment. No prior …

Ladies just want to have fun!

If you are looking to make new girl friends to enjoy the city with then this group is for you! Simple!Ladies just want to have fun!Brooklyn, NY11201, us

Brooklyn VR Meetup

Bringing Virtual Reality to Brooklyn. This meet up is for anyone interested in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.Brooklyn VR MeetupBrooklyn, NY11201, us

Brooklyn Depression Support Group

The first rule of survival is: you need a support system. And when one is struggling with depression, it’s particularly hard to build one. It is my hope that this group could be a beginning. If you’re in Brooklyn and dealing with your darkness, this group is for you. It is meant to share stories, tips on overcoming this illness and information about how to find reliable and affordable treatments, but also for enjoying common interest and organizing useful distractions for each other. A note from your humble organizer: I would like…


Bulldog Poker Club has been a fun, social, friendly get together for almost 3 years now.  If you have a love for poker, and enjoy the challenges of a lightly competitive game… this could be a spot for you!  We are a group of young professionals who after a long day of working in the city, just want to sit down, hang out with some good people, peek at some cards and drag down some pots.  We eat, snack, listen to tunes, and sports are always on the screens.  If that sounds like fun to you…

NYC Film Co-Op

NYC Film Co-Op is filled with the people who can help – from equipment to skills, everyone is working together to make the best film possible. Join the NYC Film Co-OP to start working with your team and get started making your film, web series or documentary.  Learn moreNYC Film Co-OpNew York, NY10013, us

Brooklyn Women Artists Support Meetup

This is a group for all women artists living and/or working and creating in Brooklyn. Artists welcome who are working in a variety of mediums including painting, sculpture, wood working, street art, illustration, photography, music, writing, performance art, filmmaking, and graphic design, and anything else in between are encouraged to join. This will be a fantastic opportunity for women from around the borough to informally meet, network, share ideas, discuss current creative endeavors, issues, create friendships, and even collaborate with one another. Ultimately, it will be a diverse and strong community of women artists that

Bushwick and Ridgewood Meetup Group

A fun social group for those who live around Ridgewood/Bushwick. Let’s explore, eat/drink our way through the neighborhood together. Other neighborhoods are not out of the question but mainly we’ll be keeping things local. This group is intended for Bushwick/Ridgewood residents but anyone can join as long as you can make it out to our events :)Bushwick and Ridgewood Meetup GroupBrooklyn, NY11221, us

Brooklyn Comics Club

Remember when you were a kid and comics were awesome? Well they still are. Actually, they’re much better now. If you don’t already know that then you need to come to the next Meetup. We’re going to use this group to explore all genres for comics, trade paperbacks, and graphic novels and then discuss them over a few drinks.Brooklyn Comics ClubBrooklyn, NY11222, us

Brooklyn Social Sports

ZogSports is America’s most popular CoEd social sports league. Whether you just moved to Brooklyn, looking to meet people outside of your office, bored, or looking for an excuse to have a great time with your existing friends, ZogSports is the best mix of sport and social! Enjoy fun and friendly competition through organized year-round sports leagues in Brooklyn and post-game happy hours. We make it easy for you to get together and play sports with a perfect balance of good fun, good sportsmanship and an opportunity to give something back to the community with a portion of our proceeds going to charities you choose.Brooklyn Social SportsBrooklyn, NY11201, us

Exploring Williamsburg

This Meetup group exists to get together in Williamsburg for fun social activities, including happy hour, pub trivia, dinner, bowling, etc.Exploring WilliamsburgBrooklyn, NY11211, us

Super Terrific North Brooklyn Happy Time

We love to explore neighborhood spots in North Brooklyn including Greenpoint, Williamsburg, and Bushwick. If you’re interested in meeting a diverse group of people + over a few evening drinks + maybe a boozy brunch + always fun conversation If that sounds fun, join us!Super Terrific North Brooklyn Happy TimeBrooklyn, NY11222, us

Launch Startup Brooklyn

Brooklyn is home to the coolest startups in New York, not just those technology based, but all types… We’re locals, and whether you’re in Dumbo, Bed-Stuy, Flatbush or Williamsburg… this part of the world has a unique,  dynamic multicultural vibe all it’s own. We want to learn what we have in common, how we can help each other, what resources there are between us. We want to connect with other people in the community who are dealing with similar challenges and seeing similar opportunities. We want to meet those who could become clients, partners, employees, friends, advisors, investors, etc. The group is open to anyone. You’re either planning to or creating a startup company/organization, or you want to meet others who are. If you need …

Brooklyn Green Drinks

The idea of Green Drinks is simple, and universal: Gather together like-minded individuals, and talk. It’s as familiar as the local dive, completely organic, and a fertile scene for societal progress and the deployment of sustainable ideas. And it’s growing exponentially each month. This idea thrives here in Brooklyn, USA, thanks largely to a general warm, familial, progressive attitude. “BK” is also host to many of the country’s hippest hangouts, spread to all corners of this huge borough. At Brooklyn Green Drinks, we’ll take full advantage of these defining Brooklyn traits as we chase down the blossoming Brooklyn sustainability scene. You’re an elemental part of this scene — and if you’ve ever chatted it up at a bar before, you’re…

Business Model CoLLab – Brooklyn

Come out to meet your fellow business model innovation Masterminds. Whether you’re just starting out or a season serial entrepreneur looking for the next new thing come join us for a collaborative exchange of ideas. Come test your existing or prototype your future Business Model and get great feedback! See you at our next CoLLab! StephenBusiness Model CoLLab – BrooklynBrooklyn, NY11201, us

Urban Explorers Club of NYC

This group is for those who want to meet others to unearth hidden gems of NYC including restaurants, neighborhoods, parks, outdoor events, etc.Urban Explorers Club of NYCAstoria, NY11106, us