Long Line for Covid-19 Vaccine Leads to Hope for More Time with Grandkids

There was a long line-up this afternoon at George Westinghouse High School, down Tillary St. and around the corner onto Flatbush Ave., for the first day of Covid-19 vaccine distributions at the location. The crowd was diverse, with people of all ages patiently waiting their turn. A man in a neon vest spoke through a bullhorn, “Welcome to your first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine!” He then explained that because it was the first day, there were technical difficulties causing the long line, although everyone there had a time-specific appointment. The man informed the crowd that they would …

Parties, Gossip and Too Much Brew: How 19th Century Brooklynites Celebrated the New Year

Editor’s note: This post has been updated. Read the original post here. For those following the Gregorian calendar, and that’s most of us, that magic moment when the old year ends in the last seconds of 11:59 on December 31 and the new begins at midnight on January 1 is… Read More >The post Parties, Gossip and Too Much Brew: How 19th Century Brooklynites Celebrated the New Year appeared first on Brownstoner.

Lifetime Local Resident Reflects on Brooklyn Heights Life in New York Times Piece

Brooklyn Heights resident/author Elizabeth Gaffney writes about growing up here and living in the same townhouse her entire life. The piece is not only a marvelous account of her personal history, it also sheds light on the previous owners of her home and some “hidden” Heights history: NYT: When my parents first moved to the Heights, in 1966, the neighborhood had gotten rather down at the heels — meaning, it was affordable. There was a topless bar, the Club Wild Fyre, around the corner from the house, and several grand old hotels operating as single-room-occupancy residences. The apartment they were interested in was on the ground floor, and had a garden and nice moldings. Still, it …